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1990 - Lynn Dansie

Birth: 1945 OTC symptoms confirmed 1990 age 45 Death: 1990 age 45

High Ammonia Levels Central to OTC Deficiency

Throwing up and being sick were a part of Lynn’s life starting in grade school. Lynn naturally ate foods that made him feel good and stayed away from foods that made him feel sick. When Lynn was drafted into the army, he was at the low end of the weight requirement and was hospitalized multiple times with flu-like symptoms that the doctors could not determine the cause.

In 1984, Lynn and his brother, Kenneth, were introduced by their cousin, Lowell Kamerath, to the idea that they were part of a family genetic defect. They did not make a connection between their symptoms and OTC deficiency because Kenneth had previously been diagnosed with Reye’s Syndrome.

Lynn experienced a crisis in 1990 that included severe symptoms of nausea, throwing up, and erratic behavior. His cousin, Lowell, referred him to Dr. Leonard at the University of Utah. Due to the onset of a coma, Lynn was hospitalized for evaluation and treatment of his symptoms. The diagnosis confirmed Lynn had high ammonia levels that could possibly be connected to a defective gene.

He died 10 days later at the University of Utah Hospital.


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