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6th Generation Descendant of Alice Wright Earl OTC confirmed 2018 age 19 Living with OTC

A Story of Hope

As a young teen, my son excelled at dance and earned a scholarship in a world-renowned professional ballet school. He was focused and working hard toward a future career when suddenly and inexplicably he quit dance and school. He was irritable, aggressive, and spent a lot of time sleeping and battling headaches. It looked like depression and everything seemed to be spiraling downward but despite spending a lot of time and money on therapy, little changed. It was a devastating and hopeless time for our family.

Then I learned that there was a 50% chance I was a carrier for OTC Deficiency and immediately took the opportunity to be tested. It came back positive and soon my son received a diagnosis as well. This was life-changing. I went from seeing him as a problem child to recognizing that the root of his issues was a medical diagnosis.

We consulted with doctors and nutritionists who helped him change how he eats and learn how to lower the ammonia levels in his blood so that his brain could function normally again. I am so glad that I chose to participate in testing for this disorder because it not only saved my son's life, but it gave us all hope. He studied and got his GED, is now a college student, and has good relationships with his family and friends. We can see a bright future for him again.

~ Lillian A., Duncan's Mom


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